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Tandem flights and paragliding school

If you dream of flying, do it safely!

At Altazor we have vast experience (since 1996) taking people of all ages to the skies, both in tandem paraglider flights and through training courses to make independent pilots of them.

We fly 360 days a year in Iquique, a world's paradise for paragliding!

We have highly qualified pilots and instructors, and modern gears of the best brands in perfect conditions (checked annually). Our accident rate is equal to zero after more than 14.000 tandem flights (up to 2012), and our company is recognized by the DGAC (Chile’s Civil Aeronautical General Office) and the Chilean Free flight Association, North Zone section (ACHVLZN).

The paraglider, a parachute-like wing, is the most exciting and easiest way to fly as well as the lightest flying craft: a complete tandem equipment weights in just about 25kg (55 lbs) whereas a solo gear is between 10 kg and 20 kg (22 to 44 lbs).

To take off and land, all you need are your feet. The magic of being suspended in the air with the wind whispering in the ears and the landscape seen as if you were a bird, it really is unforgettable.

Flying in tandem
A tandem paraglider is designed for two people, pilot and passenger, and the passenger needs no previous knowledge about paragliding. There are no age or physical limitations to fly - you just need to be in good health conditions and be able to run a few steps. People with heart issues or prone to excessive dizziness should check with their physicians before paragliding. Children as young as six may fly with parental consent. Our pilots will tell you everything you need to know about the flight and what passengers should do for take-off and landing.
We do over 1200 tandem flights a year and our passengers always land safe and sound - with a grin on their faces.…

What is a flying day like?
The day starts at approximately 10 a.m. (depending on the season), when we pick up our passengers at their addresses in Iquique (hostels, hotels, etc.). On the way to Alto Hospicio one of our pilots briefs passengers on what they need to know about the flight, which will start around 11 a.m. Before take-off an assistant will provide each passenger with a wind-stopper suit, a harness with which he/she will be attached to the glider, and a helmet. Meanwhile, the pilot will prepare the rest of the equipment: His/her harness, and the glider laid on the ground ready to fly. Then, the passenger will be attached from the harness to the front of the pilot's harness in takeoff position.
When the glider is inflated and above passenger and pilot, they both lean forward and run. It is a short run, and if there is enough wind it will take just a few steps for them to be flying like birds. Once airborne, the passenger will be advised to raise his/her knees to the chest in order to best accommodate in the harness.
Now the passenger will be ready to enjoy the magic of paragliding: Guided by the local birds they will find rising air to gain altitude, so that they can follow the ridge to the North and then, with enough height, glide safely over the large sand dune of Cerro Dragon and part of the city to finally land -if possible- on the beach of Playa Brava.
If the glider cannot gain enough altitude to reach Playa Brava, the pilot will use an alternative flight plan such as flying straight from takeoff to land at Huaiquique, the beach next to the Altazor Flightpark, or land on the dunes or on the foothill of the Dragon if necessary. The tandem pilot will always choose the safest landing option according to the weather conditions of the day. Also, if conditions are exceptionally good, the tandem glider will be able to fly to Playa Cavancha, which is slightly further than the other landing options.
Once on the ground, passenger and pilot will choose a proper place to pack up the equipment, and a vehicle will then take them home. The full activity takes 2 to 2.5 hours approximately.
Passengers should wear outdoor clothes and shoes that protect the heels. If a passenger wishes to take a companion (friend or family) along, a place in our vehicle may be arranged after previous notice – at no extra charge (subject to availability).

Fly, land, and walk away with the aircraft in your backpack… Paragliding is a one-of-a-kind experience!
The Altazor School has been making paraglider pilots of people who dreamed to fly since 1996. The training course consists of 14 to 20 days of practical lessons, and you only need to be fit enough to run down small slopes while you learn to inflate the glider.
We also offer individual classes for pilots who want to level up or “refresh” their skills.

Virtually anybody can learn to fly!

The Altazor Flight Park offers:
- Basic level training equipment, which are very safe. Students just have to wear outdoor clothes and shoes.
- Highly qualified instructors with vast experience
- Transportation to instruction areas
- Educational material (introductory textbook and others)
- Assistance to get your paragliding license in Chile
- Paragliding gears for sale if you feel sure that the sport is for you