Servicios a los pilotos
Fotos servicios pilotos

Transportation to takeoff area
We usually drive a minivan to Alto Hospicio every morning.
In the afternoon, we also organize transportation to Palo Buque in a 4x4 van, another flying area about 15 minutes South of Iquique.

Car for rent (days or journeys)
Delica 4x4, 7-8 persons
Mini bus 8 persons
Minibus 16 persons
Car 4-5 persons

Gear for rent
In case you are not carrying your equipment, at Altazor Flight Park you can hire paragliders of basic level and accessories, including harnesses, helmets, and even flying instruments. We will only ask you to provide your pilot’s license, or prove your qualification level.

We count on all the technical solutions, experience and knowledge to perform nearly any repair on flying equipment, both paragliders (sail tears, line or brake replacement, etc.) and accessories (harnesses, rucksacks, speed bars, flying suits, etc.)

We can also carry out the glider annual inspection according to European standards: Porosity test of sail, line strength, and check for damage.

We recommend opening and re-packing the rescue parachute at least once a year. At Altazor Flight Park you can simulate an emergency deployment on our harness hanger, and then leave the reserve at our workshop to fold it properly.

Guiding service    
The Altazor Park Flight instructors know our flying zones by heart. Whether you travel alone or in a group, if you want to try cross-country flights (for example: Patillos – Iquique,  Cabo Paquica – Iquique, Tocopilla – Iquique, etc.), we recommend  you to take our guiding service, which includes a briefing on the flight characteristics, advice and tips to be safe and successful, retrieve after landing, in addition to the paperwork required to pass through the zone of controlled airspace of Iquique airport.

Paragliding Shop
We sell gliders and flight accessories of the world’s most renowned brands. Please ask us about our stock available at the Flight Park.
We have brochures and detailed information about the products we sell: gliders, harnesses, parachutes, variometers, GPS, carabiners, maillons, spreader bars, etc. We deliver nationwide.

Harness hanger
If you need to adjust your harness or speed bar, or try a parachute opening, hang on our simulator and do the fine tuning. 

Landing next to the Altazor Flight Park
If conditions are smooth you can land on the dunes behind the Altazor Flight Park and pack your gear on our Astroturf carpet. Please be aware of potential rotors behind the buildings if the wind blows.

Packing and cleaning area