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We at Altazor Flight Park care for the environment!

When we started the Flight Park back in 2001, we settled down on the sand dunes in the south of Iquique. Then we started to plant native trees, which are watered using recovered water from our showers, wash basins and washing machines. We must note that water is a scant resource here in the Atacama Desert, the driest on earth!

Today, our garden has more than 300 trees (mostly fruit trees) of about 29 different species, and also aromatic plants, vegetables and cactuses. Our own organic waste is used to make compost and hummus to fertilize the plants. There are shaded spots and green areas that break the otherwise monotonous desert landscape.

We use solar panels to heat the water used in the Altazor Flight Park during most of the year; this keeps us from using non-renewable energy resources.

Since we recycle, here at the Flight Park you will find labeled containers for glass and cans where you can properly place your waste and help minimize our impact on the planet.

We chose to build the Altazor Flight Park on the dunes using shipping containers, which offer perfect isolation and comfort, and have the added value that if we ever decide to leave they can be removed leaving hardly any trace.

Furthermore, we are installing a Grander system to treat our water. This system gives tap water its natural properties back. (Check out:

May we remind you that we are on the driest desert on Earth: please use water wisely, taking just what you need.