The city of Iquique is located in the first region of Chile ("Tarapacá"), distant 1850 km from the capital, Santiago, and 320 km from the northern border of the country with Peru. Laid on the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world, and on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Iquique is known as one of the meccas for paragliding fans from all corners of the globe thanks to its exceptional conditions. Here, it is possible to fly 360 days a year in the perfect setting that the high slope of the Cordillera de la Costa facing the sea breezes offers.

But Iquique is much more than paragliding. Its beaches host well-known top level surf spots; and a number of other water sports like sailing, boating or water skiing are practiced throughout the year. The Atacama Desert offers interesting routes to explore by motorcycle or 4x4 cars, and some kilometers away the old mining 'ghost' towns remaining from the golden age of nitrate make for an interesting visit.

The city, of about 180,000 inhabitants, still hosts streets dating back to that time, like the typical Paseo Baquedano – a broad pedestrian boulevard in downtown with large Georgian-style facades-, as well as the largest Free Trade zone in South America, a coastal promenade with bike paths under palm trees and attractions like a skate park, in addition to 170 km of warm beaches to the South of the city, some rather unfrequented.

Iquique shows its touristy essence through a wide range of bars and restaurants where you can find all kinds of flavors, as well as a lively nightlife.